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Visas, the two main visas are the B-2 Visitor Visa and B-1 Business Visa. The validity of the visa itself is usually anything between 1 to 10 years. Application fees can be paid in cash or by credit card.

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Not only do we teach our girls to look at the bigger picture of life, but also to realise their place and potential within it.Our school breathes a sense of confidence and curiosity into young girls so that they feel empowered to take their stance as independent and courageous women of our society. A girl’s unique educational journey into womanhood starts with us. You will be able to track your visa application online. Visa cost in South Africa is 0 USD (approximately R 2200.00 depending on exchange rate). Consulate Generals in three of the main cities in South Africa: Note: The Consulate General of Cape Town and Durban are closed to the public every Friday, while the Consulate General of Johannesburg is closed every last Friday of the month. However, it can take longer if additional documents are required. Embassy in Pretoria does not provide any visa services. We list our top six choices for the best dating sites for the HIV / AIDS community.

All the sites offer free membership, though you can access advanced features only through an upgrade to a paid membership.From the voodoo mystique of New Orleans and honky-tonk rhythms of Nashville to the glittering lights of New York City and Las Vegas, the United States beckons to be explored. This step-by-step guide covers everything from what documents you will need to what questions will be asked during the interview. South African passport holders require a visa for the United States of America. Consulate General in one of the major cities (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban) and apply at least 15 days before you travel to allow for ample processing time. A B-2 Visitor Visa allows the holder to stay within the U. For credit card payments, you can call the Visa Information Service Center (VISC) on 0 (Cape Town), 0 (Durban), or 0 (Johannesburg) during business hours, or visit the U. Department of State Visa Appointment Service website to make payment and to schedule your appointment. Visa application online, but will be required to attend the visa interview and provide biometrics in person at the U. And to make your journey less stressful, we’ve decided to make things a little easier by breaking down the U. Fortunately, it is a relatively straightforward process. For cash payments, you can create an account on the U. Department of State Visa Appointment Service website, follow the steps until you reach the payment page, and then download, print, and follow the payment instructions page. Read More » HIV People Meet is our #2 choice offering dating options for people with HIV AIDS.The site is an online dating site for those living with HIV and other STDS and has more than 802,2000 anonymous members.It was launched in 2005, offering a unique dating environment for HIV positive members who seek dating or friendship.