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Unlike previous maps, it was easily portable and readable in book form.When her map was complete in 1936, she printed 10,000 copies and tried to sell them to bookstores.

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Aged just 14 she move to F├ęcamp in Brittany where she became an English tutor and later studied at the Sorbonne, at times sleeping rough in Paris and then moving to a bedsit where she reputedly met Vladimir Nabokov, T. She later married Richard Pearsall, an artist friend of her brother.They were together for eight years, travelling around Spain and living in Paris.She is said to have left him while he lay sleeping one day in Venice, without saying a word to him. Legends abound as to how the idea of an ' A to Z' first germinated in Phyllis' creative mind.One school of thought is that Phyllis, who was working as a portrait painter around 1935, became lost in London using her 17 year old map when trying to find the houses of her customers.Phyllis' map may not have been the first, the Bartholomew's Reference Atlas of London and the Suburbs had been available since 1908, but it was most unique.

It was drawn using the 72 6" Ordnance Survey maps for London dating from 1919 by her father's then cartographer, updated by visits to the LCC planning offices.A less romantic explanation is that she was already working with her father, and that her father and brother were more involved with the A to Z than Phyllis would care to admit.What is clear is that Phyllis felt that there was a need for such a map in a rapidly expanding London and this encouraged her to create a new type of map of London, including in it the names of museums, other places of interest and bus routes.She claimed that she walked for 18 hours a day, raising at 5 a.m.and covering 3,000 miles to check the names of 23,000 London streets.Participants will have the opportunity to taste contrasting styles, hear commentary from our panel of wine professionals and vote on your favorite Meritage of the night.