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Tennessee Williams' gift for exposing the heart and soul - the core - of human experience was so fine-tuned it transcended clumsy handling and Hollywood censorship. Stone" captures the essence of Williams' profound understanding.Even the film's missteps - the fake sets, the beige hair, Warren Beatty's Italian accent – fail to detract.See full summary » Queen Elizabeth is running this show.

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See full summary » Valentine "Snakeskin" Xavier, a trouble-prone drifter trying to go straight, wanders into a small Mississippi town looking for a simple and honest life but finds himself embroiled with problem-filled women.

Drifter Chance Wayne returns to his hometown after many years of trying to make it in the movies. She leases a magnificent apartment with a view of the seven hills from the terrace.

See full summary » During World War I, believing her fiance to be dead, a young ballerina loses her job and is forced to turn to prostitution.

From there, things only get worse for her in this tragic, heart-wrenching, love story.

The tombstone dedicated to standard bearer Lucius Duccius Rufinus, who died here, is also on display in the museum.

“It’s my favourite thing about the Ninth Legion,” says Natalie.Arriving with him is a faded film star he picked up along the way, Alexandra Del Lago. See full summary » Critics and the public say Karen Stone is too old -- as she approaches 50 -- for her role in a play she is about to take to Broadway. Then the contessa comes calling to introduce a young man named Paola to her.Her businessman husband, 20 years her senior, has been the angel for the play and gives her a way out: They are off to a holiday in Rome for his health. The contessa knows many presentable young men and lonely American widows.The final reference to their endeavours is in the Yorkshire Museum; an inscription marking the date in 108 AD when its soldiers built the city walls.Then the Legion vanished without trace – and so did its golden eagle standard.There are lots of fine things about this film, which far surpasses the later television remake. Lotte Lenya's knowing performance remains timeless. Richard Addinsell's hypnotic score adds to the strange, foreign atmosphere.