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In the next scene Brett asks his two friends Lucas and Danny for advice on what to do about Becky.

dating sims for the ds-40

The moment they are approved (we approve submissions twice a day..), you will be able to nominate this title as retro game of the day!Ever wanted to know what our senior members are up to in their spare time? Then take a look at our brand new Bacon Bits: The Baconeer Blogs and see what they have to say!Early in the game the rich snotty kid Conor will mention a romantic cruise contest, but it won’t be brought up until the last mission in which you chose between three girls; Becky, Erica, or Kiki, to take on the cruise with you.Besides a ton of filler nonsense, Brett’s storyline has an extra scene called Golden Bonus, in which you play as the character Danny telling women awful jokes.There it was…sitting there…mocking me on its nice clean page.

franchise to care about correctly marketing some low-budget DS game for teens.

But this game was promoted and even referred to in the subtitle of certain versions as a dating sim. You’d have to be obnoxiously misguided to think so, but for the sake of readers, let me explain.

Clearly you’ve heard of at least one dating sim before or at least games with dating sim elements like .

I’ll start by explaining Brett and his story first.

In the first scene you start out on a ski lift with Becky, the female protagonist, and that game flat-out tells you that you’re in love with her even though you’re best friends.

Basically in Becky’s storyline she has recently broken up with her incredibly ugly boyfriend of two years, Sean, and has come to the ski resort with friends Brett, Kiki the skank, and Erica the shy girl.