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However, their needs are named differently and have a gray color.

Unlike the Servos of The Sims 2, Sim Bots possess no ability to shut down to conserve power, or use solar power to recharge, and may sleep in a bed as any other Sim does.

During this time, other Sims can repair the Sim Bot, or can choose to Reprogram them, which allows a reselection of their traits, including the ability to remove all of their traits.

This will make them interrupt what they were doing and cancel the whole action queue, and they won't be able to get back to what they were doing by themselves: this is not limited to the first meeting with the Sim Bot: any time a Sim Bot leaves the Sim and return to the range of the Sim, this reaction is triggered.

Male and female Sim Bots differ in the structures of their heads and torsos.

They also get a special Sim Bot only special moodlet from Inventing.

Like all summoned Mummies, Sim Bots are classed as elders by the game.

They can also Woo Hoo, but cannot have children from interaction with Sims or other Sim Bots.

They can "reproduce" by inventing new Sim Bots, but this requires them to go through the extended process of getting this ability.In addition, Sim Bots will generally have the Brave trait, though it appears that some do not.However, it is noted that almost all (if not all) invented Sim Bots will have the Brave trait.Sim Bots come online with automatic ranks in both the Handiness and Inventing skills.Instead of calling a repairman or having a Sim repair the Sim Bot, the player can use the testingcheatsenabled cheat to remove the "Short Out" moodlet.It has been reported Even though Sim Bots are hydrophobic, they have no problem mopping up puddles of water or being sprayed by a sprinkler.