Dating sim academy hints

For the girls you just need to meet them and talk about things they like with a list of topics that grows as your stats do and as you visit places enough, and you do need to get new topics as they bore of old ones after a few uses and they lose affection if they don’t like the topic.

All your stats effect things like success rates of any activity and scores on your exams/winning competitions.Also unlike a usual dating sin you lose stat points every time you sleep, causing you to play catch up constantly, though you can luckily purchase an item that makes these loses lessen.While on a date you must answer questions your date asks and have him or her answer questions. It must stay high once the conversation ends in order for the date to succeed. Set up a romantic rendezvous to earn prospect status. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.The three trouble club captains are then introduced and are the three other heroines in the story.

Asaga the kendo captain who is lively and a mischief maker who finds rules boring.

There are actually a number of bad ends in the game, but the most likely one someone will see is probably the sister disappointment end in the fifth game month out of ten.

Near the beginning of that month is basically Valentine’s day and if you haven’t triggered a route and got far enough in that route’s events you get the little sister end and the game stops. Things begin hectic as you try to juggle everything as the game adds new rules and things you need to do well to succeed and move on.

The problem is the gameplay never changes and in the lower difficulties the end game is just tedious, while in the higher difficulties it just feels unfair.

You will likely have gotten your stats high enough that none of the competitions or exams will be failed, and route events are pretty far apart.

And you can flirt with your sister, and by doing this you unlock the standard affection chart to check where the heroines are on loving Kayto.