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Dating a shy girl requires any boy to be self-assured and play a little leadership. You know, you can’t succeed in love by acting passively. I only mean you should be welcoming towards her despite all the awkwardness you two may feel. It’s not about you repeatedly telling her “Oh, you’re so cute, I’ve never seen a girl who’d be the same cute” – I used to know a guy who used this to pick up girls.

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“All women are the same and they like the same things” – that’s what any man probably heard in his life. Despite having a lot in common, women are simultaneously different. You turn your head right or left and see her turning her eyes away from yours… Yes, a girl may be uncourageous to speak to you tête-a-tête but be confident enough to communicate with your friends.

There are cocky girls, there are tender girls, and there are shy girls. First of all, she gets more attentive to her wardrobe and makeup. She takes up the same classes as you do, or shows up where you usually hang out… She would barely do it without any hidden intentions. Partially because it’s a great opportunity to get closer to you!

A shy girl who is into you might be active in group chats when you write something, or like your photos and posts, or share interesting pieces of info with you.

No matter what kind of: she wants you to explain a difficult topic to her or gives recommendations on how to cook special delights.

When talking to her be sure to ask about her interests and what she enjoys doing.

Most shy girls don’t date much because guys are usually seeking one thing, which is a turnoff.

Emancipation is great within reasonable limits yet it can’t repeal biological laws.

From time to time, you feel like someone looks at you. Well, seems like you are more attractive than you might’ve thought!

Because shy girls are timorous, they are not expecting a guy to approach them with the intentions of dating, so with that being said, they will enjoy the effort and easily succumb.

The confidence that she lacks will shine through you, thus allowing a connection to emerge.

Most girls, shy or not, do not want to be picked up in a nightclub, they want to connect while the sun is out.