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Bear in mind that some airlines reserve the right to cancel the return flight of a round trip when the outbound flight has not been used.If you are planning not to use the outbound ticket, we suggest you contact Travelgenio or the airline at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight.

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The user declares that he will accept and respect any terms and conditions established by any provider or tour operator whose services the USER wishes to book, including but not limited to payment of amounts accrued and the conformity with any rules and restrictions in terms of the availability of tariffs, products or services.

Should there be any special rules or restrictions which affect the tariffs, products or services selected by the USER, these will be shown on the screen during the booking process.

Any modification or cancellation request must be made in writing through our contact formsxvwtrwb.

Important: Name changes of passengers are not allowed by airlines.

The sale of travel services as well as other products and touristic services will be carried out by Travel2be, a travel agency which holds the necessary permits and licenses to carry out its activity.

Any bookings or acquisitions of products or services by providers or combined travel organizers are subject to the terms and conditions, which these providers or tour operators establish in each case.In the event that an airline ceases to operate due to insolvency or any other reason, Travel2Be as intermediary, will notify the passenger of such circumstance and the information available regarding it.In such cases and since the contract of carriage between the passenger and the airline providing the flight was regularized, the passenger must complain to the airline about the refund of tickets that have not been flown.The elaboration and updating of any information relating to offers, products or services, routes, distances, timetables, properties or any other data and information relevant to the products and services offered through the WEBSITE, corresponds to the respective product and service providers or tour operators.Travel2be shall not be responsible for maintaining, revising, supervising or updating this information, nor does it have the possibility of verifying its truthfulness, accuracy or completeness nor whether it is up to date.The user expressly accepts the full adhesion, without exception, of each and every of the General Terms and Conditions of Travel2be.