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After all, the Baltics are not renowned for warm weather - something that any visitor to Estonia must be aware of — the summer is short and the winter is severe.Tallinn's medieval old town was built by German crusaders in the Late Middle Ages and is in magnificent condition, with the medieval city walls and towers almost completely intact and it rates as one of Europe's best preserved medieval old towns.As the country is small, most destinations can be reached within a couple of hours from Tallinn.

Further south and south-east there are Setomaa and Mulgimaa with their unique cultural heritage that's still visible today.

Karula National Park and Soomaa National Park are also part of the region, as are the ski resorts near Otepää.

Paldiski, a deserted Soviet army base that was once off-limits to Estonians themselves, can easily be visited on a day trip from the capital, Tallinn.

After 7 centuries of German, Danish, Swedish, Polish and Russian rule, Estonia attained independence in 1918.

Visitors can also experience an ex-Soviet occupied country that is now part of the European Union.

Traces of the Soviet era are still there to be seen — e.g.Estonians have a special love for nature, and many will tell you that they would rather sit under a tree in an empty forest or hike in a national park than almost anything else.Estonia's tranquil, laidback and unspoiled Baltic islands provide a splendid getaway to nature. There are no border controls between countries that have signed and implemented this treaty - the European Union (except Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.Estonia itself is divided into 15 counties (or maakonnad, singular - maakond).However, to bring out the unique characteristics of Estonia, we use 4 distinctive regions in this guide.Estonia is a Baltic gem offering visitors the chance to see a tiny dynamic land on the shores of the Baltic Sea.