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All three treatments had similar benefits, which suggests that simply watching and discussing movies can help protect your relationship.

Couples in the movie condition watched and discussed one movie a week for a month. Three years later all three treatment groups (both workshops and the movie group) experienced less relationship dissolution (11%) compared to couples in the no treatment condition (24%). However, despite good looks and financial stability, she never thinks she would end up not having any prospects. "Most people forget the 'age factor' in the game of seeking marriage," said Chen."When someone say ' I do,' that power of commitment is great. "If hardworking individuals could spend part of their time to take care of love matters like marriage, they will do so much better in all aspects - career, personal development and having a family future to look forward to." Even for divorcees who had stepped back into marriage again, Chen witnessed that simply by having the marriage foundation again drove them positively in their careers.They are stable in their career and have the money.

But they could not find a suitable match and many of them would like to have children.

Many of them have missed the golden time of finding their matches," said Chen.

Alice H, a media executive who has sought Chen's help, is a typical example of a highly successful professional.

These breakups both caused an insurmountable amount of pain but also brought a lot of good. I ended up marrying the high-school ex, and I started this website with the college ex and get to write about relationships for a living.

So I guess it’s true that all’s well that ends well!

I was interning at US Weekly magazine at the time and what I most remember from that period was replaying everything about our relationship on loop every morning as I took the train into the city, and every evening on my way back home. I didn’t properly deal with the pain and it followed me like a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of a shoe.