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By 1822, Jerome and his brother, Noble, had their own shop making a mass-produced wooden movement 30-hour and 8-day clocks.

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Warranted Good." The label was printed by Elihu Greer. The label describes Greer as an "Ornamental Printer" in the left corners, and as a "Book & Job Printer" in the right corners.The label also includes instructions on using the clock. Someone has stripped the case of all of its decorations and then painted it to resemble green marble. 8-day kitchen clock, circa 1900-1905 "Camden" series. Note the countwheel strike has a slot for hours and half-hours.A total of three different embossed patterns were offered as part of the Camden series.Third picture shows the case after I found some original Sessions feet and some repro lions for the sides.

An interesting feature of this clock is that it can be regulated without stopping it.

However, like most mantle clocks, this one features regulation from the front, and short pendulum mounted to the back of the movement.

An additional interesting feature of this clock is a fiber fly pinion in the strike train to make it more quite.

Like the New Haven clock above, this one uses the strike train for both hours and halves.

This clock uses a strip-pallet deadbeat escapement.

First picture shows it bare as I found it, second picture is the movement, a spring-wound 8 day.