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You can find the full payment scheme on Theme Forest’s Payment Rates page and the site’s legal information is also available.

Before a web designer can start selling on Theme Forest, he or she must first read a tutorial and complete a short quiz.

You’ll also need to complete a quiz to begin selling on Flash Den — you can start the process at the Author Program page.

If you’re interested in selling through Talk Freelance, you’ll need to become a member of the forum.The site limits sales in its forums to members who have made at least five posts on the forums: there is a whole section of the site devoted to discussing web design, so the barrier to entry is not actually that high.While you might take home a smaller percentage of the sales price on a template site, you’ll likely make more sales.There are plenty of sites out there willing to sell your templates for you and some are better than others.More than a few web designers take full responsibility for selling their themes, but it can actually be harder to sell a template on your own than through one of the many sites selling themes from a wide variety of web designers.

It comes down to the fact that buyers would rather visit one site and sift through a whole stack of templates quickly than search the web for a theme here and a theme there.You set your price when you create a listing, as well as establishing whether a template is exclusive to Sitepoint or if it is available elsewhere.You’ll find that Talk Freelance operates similarly to Site Point — along the lines of a forum.Your cut depends on whether or not a design is exclusive to Theme Forest: for non-exclusive themes you will receive 25% of every sale.For exclusive themes, you will receive between 35% and 50%, moving upwards as you sell more themes.Minimum cash out is via Paypal or similar systems. The site’s selection is not very big at this time, but the site looks promising and should keep growing. There are plenty of sites that sell specific types of templates.