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But if they are exposed to a different type of society mix ( migrating to a more diverse country), their preference will shift over time (also quoted in the referenced study).

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Her accent might hinder you from understanding her right away, and the same goes the other way around.

To manage this effectively and lessen the strain this will cause the budding relationship, speak slowly and use simple words for her to understand.

And it will probably be true about other nationalities as well.

Please try to not categorize those preferences based solely on nationality.

In Poland, it is considered rude to come visit someone’s home empty handed.

You are expected to bring some sort of small token ranging from flowers, chocolates, perfumes, wines and other small yet thoughtful gifts.

Most westerners are used to women from their culture who are more open to the idea of sex sooner than a Polish woman would allow.

Add to that, there have been a lot of instances where western men would make advances only to get her to bed.

Remember, the mind set you should have when considering dating a Polish woman would be to find a potential mate that you would eventually marry.

This way, you will not mind having to wait a little longer to get intimate with her.

When you meet your Polish date the first time, it would be best to bring her a nice bouquet and a small box of nice chocolates.