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This is the basic proof that psychic sensetivity is really existing.The doubts are fully understood that are arising from every person, when he hears about the Pokrovitel's special abilities from the highest stages".Archipokrovitel Nikolai is mainly known for his high psychic spiritual abilities and for his charitable activities.

The first knowledge about healing and religion he received from his grandmother, who at that time was a natural healing wizard.

He was working for more than 20 years as a psychic and a healer on a professional level. Archipokrovitel Nikolai have set the following goals to be achieved in the Pokrov movement, which are: the union of believers in God, studying about all of the religions, their comparisons and finding true faith in God, to help people who are in spiritual, mental, energetic need, to change a community into the better way, and people to develop their extrasensory sensitivity.

She bilocated, that is, she appeared in Spain while still living in Jerusalem (or Ephesus).

The origin of the Cathedral of Zaragoza is built around the chapel of Santa Maria del Pilar.

The reason in your problems is covered in your actions that you did in your past time or past life.

Archipokrovitel Nikolai is also diagnoses your aura. He is also identifies the focuses of the negative energy that are found in you or surrounds you.

James the Greater Title: Our Lady of the Pillar According to ancient Christian tradition, the Mother of the Savior appeared to the apostle James the Greater.

James had left Jerusalem to go to the ends of the earth and, before starting the journey, the Blessed Mother had promised to visit him.

The person that suffers from depression, Archipokrovitel Nikolai can raise the mood by passing the positive energy.

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By the way, it should be noted that Archipokrovitel Nikolai who has special abilities is developing his gift at all times.