Dating old coffee pots

A second pour of coffee grounds produces a warm cup of water, with a slight hint of coffee.

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The answer is positive, the first known example of an English coffe pot being dated 1681 (George Garthorne ? Correspondence between hallmarks' date and pattern/shape of the item Now we check if our coffee pot pattern was common in 1745, George II reigning.

The answer is positive, as this shape and pattern was very popular between 17, the so called 'tuck in base' ( Ian Pickford, 2003. Furthermore, the coffee pot foot is obtained by 'raising' (working a plain sheet of silver with the hammer) and not by 'casting', and the 'tuck in base' is not pronounced enough to give a baluster shape to the body.

From this point of view our coffee pot looks to be a piece of great gauge and quality as anyone would expect from an English silver of the first half of 18th century. Hallmarks research and their examination (individual and as a set) Now we research coffee pot hallmarks.

Hallmarks in exposed positions are often rubbed and difficult to read on antique silver, due to the repeated polishing of the item.

Coffee beans are one of my favorite things in the entire world. And when ground up and steeped in hot (or cold) water, they somehow taste even better than they smell.

Coffee grounds serve a dual purpose when it comes to cleaning pots and pans.

I'm a big fan of substituting coffee for water in recipes, but sometimes it's not worth wasting a few tablespoons of precious beans. Whatever your personal feelings may be about worms, this much is incontrovertible: their presence means a healthy garden.

Brew a second cup with the same grounds and you'll get a baking treat with a subtle flavor of coffee, and you'll still have as many coffee beans as before. Furthermore, the acidity in the grounds keeps snails and slugs away, while the odor will keep your cat from digging and pooping in the garden.

The grounds exfoliate your skin and remove the dead tissue, which is where much of the stink resides. It doesn't matter what's in my fridge, or how recently I've cleaned; there's always a slightly odd aroma. Unlike store-bought deodorizers, there are no funky artificial ingredients in coffee grounds, and they won't make your fridge smell like a bottle of Sprite.

And all you have to do is put a bowl of them in in the back of your fridge, and another in your freezer.

Starting to Collect Antique Silver - Antiques Collector's Club, and Peter Waldrom, 2001. This means that, likely, this pot was crafted between 17.