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For some courses and programs, students are only offered places based on their upper secondary qualifications and NOT on their university qualifications.To meet the entry requirements for master's level (second cycle or graduate) studies, you must: Further specific admission requirements are set by the department that has advertised the position.

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Expats are normally posted to Nigeria under some form of career duress or strong financial enticement, with their family joining out of necessity.

The mining and oil sectors are the largest employers of expats in Nigeria, while many foreigners are also employed in the banking, telecommunications and construction industries.

There is no doubt that Nigeria has a bad reputation when it comes to safety, with persistent reports of crime, corruption and kidnapping in the press, and endlessly inventive 419 advance fee scams.

Nevertheless, attempts are being made to give Africa’s most populous country, and one of its most significant economies, a facelift for the future, and expats moving to Nigeria may find themselves pleasantly surprised by a few of its positive realities.

They are called sweetheart scams and are rapidly increasing.

Some of the scammers take as long as a year to hunt for people's weaknesses and find out what they care about, and then they go in for the kill.It was fun while it lasted and I made some really good friends.However, I find I don't have the time to get on as often as I would like.Another frequently reported positive to expat life in Nigeria is the camaraderie and sociability of the expat community.Presuming one is living in a city such as Lagos or Abuja, there are many sports, social activities, restaurants and bars to enjoy; and expat social circles are mostly receptive to new members.I wish you guys the very best, and thanks for the opportunity MN connects you with new people, Nigeria friends, Nigerian men & Nigerian women in Nigeria, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and from all over the world whether you are looking for dates, friends or just to network.