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A truly nice guy would never do that—especially not to a friend. Could you imagine what it's like to find out that your friends only hung out with you because they wanted your money, or your assets?

It's the same concept, only on a lot more intimate level.

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To make matters worse, most women already realize what the guy's game is because he will give insanely preferential (or even exaggerated) treatment to attractive women over everyone else.That alone comes off fake, which in turn means that girls already know that he really doesn't care about them at all.Rather, it's insanely painful for a woman to deal with.If they deal with that kind of "nice" too often, then it's very possible girls will get burned out from all the guys they speak to.It's boring, and if you want to get an opinion out of them, it can turn into an infuriating process. This means that he can establish boundaries and stand his ground with you. Though this isn't always the case, many Nice Guys tend to have standards that they themselves wouldn't fit.

When you're with a doormat, you can never tell what they're really thinking or feeling until they blow up. They often will insist on a girl who has a thin waist when they don't have a fit body.

He's just looking to get what he thinks he's entitled to; and that's really not attractive.

After all, who wants to have a boyfriend who would base his kindness on your attractiveness?

They never assume women aren't attracted to nice guys, primarily because they know that the guys girls hate are not nice at all.

The problem with the brand of "nice" that Nice Guys show isn't just that it's fake and self-serving.

In many cases, they will go so far as to befriend a woman in hopes that she will have sex with him.