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However, it can help if you tell us about any uses of your music overseas, and can mean you'll be paid sooner.I noticed that listing only goes up through 2006, so here's some additional information that will help to ID the year going forward: Some time during 2008 PRS started using a "08" instead of an "8" on the serial numbers.Up until the mass production and CNC manufactured models of 1995 I was recommending PRS guitars to everyone.The absolute best thing that Paul ever did was to bring the perceived price of an electric guitar up to the level where a consumer would actually consider buying a custom made instrument.Please read the details of the MCPS back claims service levels.

You should then submit a claim through your Member Services representative.If it weren't for Paul Reed Smith, people would still be playing Gibson's & Fenders.The early PRS guitars were absolutely the best guitars I had ever seen or played in my life.If you joined PRS on any day from 1 January to 30 June, your membership will officially begin on 1 January. If you joined PRS on any day from 1 July to 31 December, your membership will officially begin on 1 July.You can back claim through the set list service for live performances of your registered music.Today there are hundreds of small builders who owe their success to Paul. Paul wasn't the only company who built great guitars, There was Hamer, Dean, BC Rich, Jackson, Moonstone, Turner, Alembic, Veillette Citron, and many others.