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” at least a few times before a familiar pattern sets in.In the beginning of a relationship, people go to extremes to maintain the illusion of equilibrium when it comes to spending the night at each others’ places. Entropy inevitably sets in, and romantic gravity wins.

The joke that old married couples start to look alike, or “relationship chameleons” take on the traits of whoever they happen to be dating that month stem from this simple premise. If you keep that truth in mind, some of your friends’ and your past bizarre romantic behavior starts to makes a weird kind of sense.

In astrophysics, every object orbits something larger.

It’s no coincidence that we call it “falling in love.” As you date someone, you both “fall” towards each other. Don’t get me wrong, in a healthy relationship both people (or more if you’re in an open relationship, I’m hip to every lifestyle) compromise and adapt to each other.

You grow together into two new (hopefully better, more interesting, vibrant) people instead of just dealing with some new person in your same old life.

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It’s called the Inverse-square Law and sounds a lot like long-distance relationships.

The main takeaway is this: The bigger you are, and the closer you are, the more gravitational force you have. The chair you’re sitting on exerts the same type of gravitational force on you as the center of the Earth does.

The Moon orbits the Earth, which orbits the Sun, and the Sun orbits the supermassive black hole at center of the Milky Way.

The Milky Way probably orbits some crazy intergalactic Sarlacc pit made up of billions of black holes.

The gravity of nearby objects affects not only which direction you’re going to take, but in a very literal sense gravity warps space itself affecting which direction you Nothing can ignore gravity, not even light.