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are not supernatural in origin.” Lennon’s decree states he “forbid members of the clergy of any ecclesiastical jurisdiction” to celebrate the sacraments on the site of Holy Love Ministries.

Here is what he said: In his decree of November 11, 2009 Bishop Lennon made it clear that because of a number of issues it was necessary to forbid priests to celebrate the sacraments at the site of the Holy Love shrine and that the faithful are admonished to “cease gathering” there.The word condemned was not used but it is apparent that there are serious concerns regarding the authenticity of the apparitions, among other things.Typically pulling phone numbers originally from print White Page directories, and later mining their online successors when the internet came to promi...Should Personal Cell Phone Numbers Be Listed in Public White Pages Directories?I had been warned by Thomas and a couple of others (friends of his, I’m guessing), that souls are at stake should my words turn people away from Holy Love.

I must disagree with Thomas in this case as souls apparition.and having reviewed the theological content of the alleged apparitions to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle and having consulted an expert in this matter, I …declare that the alleged apparitions and locations …The city of Brook Park is located in the county of Cuyahoga. Number of Spam and Scam Calls Using White Pages Listings Increasing in Recent...Chris Boyle by Christopher Boyle NEW YORK, NY – For as long as anyone can remember, owning a phone and enduring spam or scam callers have gone hand-in-hand.Gary Yanus, Judicial Vicar Diocese of Cleveland, since Bishop Lennon was recovering from surgery.