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This survey will serve as an aggregation point for the knowledge, perception, and opinions of active bloggers around the world.

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With funding from the Mac Arthur Foundation, the Berkman Center is undertaking a two-year research project to investigate the role of the Internet in Russian society.

The study will include a number of interrelated areas of inquiry that contribute to and draw upon the Russian Internet, including the Russian blogosphere, Twitter, and the online media ecology.

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This helps the site to become more convenient by “remembering” you on your next visit (e.g. Your activity information is shared with our partner advertising and analytic services.The collected data lets us improve our services, make conclusions about user interests and understand paths to our resources.We’d like to remind you that the purpose of collecting the aforementioned information is our site and service improvements.Social Network Analysis To understand the different communities, or clusters, that exist in the Russian blogosphere we will employ a methodological approach similar to our previous studies of the Persian and Arabic blogospheres.This will include link-based social network mapping of the Russian language blogosphere and comparisons of key Russian blogging platforms, including Live Journal, Live, and, to understand how these platforms may impact the ‘shape’ of the Russian blogosphere.Facebook service can inform you that our site is liked by X of your friends.