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If your focus is exclusively on Royal Delft (De Porceleyne Fles), we also heartily recommend the book by Rick Erickson, "Royal Delft - A Guide to De Porceleyne Fles."We can help identify delftware that has been broken by movers, and although it is highly unlikely to find the same item, we can generally replace it with something very similar.

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Our suggestion is that if you can get a copy of the book, read up on delftware and get familiar with your pieces.A mark on the bottom of the piece can be misleading *at best*. The T stands for Joost Thooft and the L for his companion Abel Labouchere. There is a chip (1,5cm) at the underside edge The base is signed with a blue hand painted TL Delft mark. *Postal Service to Canada Up to .95 ~ .00 .96 to 9.00 ~ .00 9.01 and up ~ .00 *Postal Service to United Kingdom Up to .95 ~ .00 .96 to 9.00 ~ .00 9.01 and up ~ .00 *Postal Service to Australia Up to .95 ~ .00 .96 to 9.00 ~ .00 9.01 and up ~ .00 All other shipments will be quoted.

The backside is signed with a pencil AB van der Lee, possibly a Corp student or the owner.

Most visits to the city of Delft include a factory tour of this great company.

Of the dozens of original 17th century Dutch pottery makers, only De Porceleyne Fles remains in operation.

The old adage "something is only worth what someone will pay for it," is definitely true with delftware.

At e Bay, you will find lots of listings for souvenir-quality items.

If you're not even sure that your piece is Dutch or delftware at all, but still do want to identify your mark, Kovel's books on all kinds of pottery is your best source to look for your pottery marks. The best way to learn the value of a piece of delftware is to look for similar items on e Bay.