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A decade in the industry had given Miller very specific ideas on how to build a marketable game. Most importantly, the name "Dark Justice" had to go.

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This is a good and dark series, and hopefully it will always stay great! Two issues ago he was still driving, flying, and boating to his cave.This is terrific because, Batman should have already arrived at this one location.Miller wanted everything built around a strong lead character with an iconic name that doubled as the game's title, a la . Miller threw out Max, but nobody knew what Max's last name was.Eventually, for lack of anything better, they went with Max Heat and spent ,000 securing the worldwide trademarks on it.The team could implement story changes in days, rather than weeks or months.

Unfortunately, the budget didn't stretch far enough to cover so many actors.

A team of designers scouted seedy Manhattan locations escorted by a pair of ex-NYPD bodyguards while, back in Finland, Project Lead and Remedy co-founder Petri Järvilehto turned to his old buddy to write the story:... Sami Järvi -- better known by his professional name, Sam Lake -- brought big ideas to the table.

He started with Max as the typical Chandleresque hard-boiled detective, then systematically destroyed him.

Remedy's employees, their friends, relatives, even loose acquaintances became the game's cast of mobsters, cops, and assassins, with Lake himself drafted to model Max.

To Lake's surprise, the art team also wrapped his face on Max's in-game model, complete with a grimace that inspired more satire, ridicule, and homage than any other facial expression in gaming history. They had the right name, the right hook, the right game.

Sure there is a lot of writers and artist who draw and make a story, however there should be a team-up, where the artist and the writer create a story that won't be forgotten.