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For more information, check out our article on the Reading Pagoda.

Blair County – Horseshoe Curve: In the mid-1800s, it took several weeks to travel over the mountains from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

Find out more in my full article and video about Gravity Hill.

Bradford County – French Azilum: During the French Revolution, many French aristocrats fled to America to seek safety.To help them resettle, a group of government officials set up a French settlement in what is now Bradford County.This turning point of the Civil War is a must-visit in Adams County.For more information, check out my full article and video on the battlefield.Now to the list, which is alphabetized by county name: Adams County – Gettysburg National Battlefield: This list fittingly starts with one of the top destinations in the state.

The Gettysburg National Battlefield interprets and showcases the events of the battle that occurred from July 1-3, 1863.The village showcases life in western Pennsylvania from the perspective of the Harmony Society, a religious society that immigrated to the area in the 19th century. Bedford County – Gravity Hill: If you’ve always taken gravity for granted, a visit to Gravity Hill in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, will leave you scratching your head.Whether it’s an optical illusion, ghosts, or a warp in the earth’s magnetic field, it’s fun to watch as your car appears to roll uphill along the roadway.Built in the early 20th century as a hotel, the Pagoda is home today to an observation area, a small museum, a gift shop, and a snack bar.From the pagoda, you can see over 30 miles on a clear day.Tours of this castle are well-worth taking the time to check out.