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Damage formula: (Summoner's int * 30)Cooldown: 20 seconds Duration: 1 second Cast Range: 400 yards Impact Range: 250 yards Damage Property: 1,225 Intelligence 12,500 Health Passive: Increase nearby allies' Attack Speed and Movement Speed Passive: Increase nearby allies' Damage and Health Regeneration Active: Inflicts 30x Int damage to enemies in 600 Ao E, and summons the Ancient Dragon (2.5 minute CD)Use the power of the dragon to summon meteorites to attack the enemy.Damage formula: (Summoner's int * 30)Cooldown: 20 seconds Duration: 1 second Cast Range: 400 yards Impact Range: 250 yards Damage Property: Can awaken the power of sleeping Intellect 1,650Health 15,000Passive: Increases the speed and movement speed of friendly forces around you Passive: enhance the surrounding friendly attack and life recovery speed Active: Summon Zhaoyuan Ancient Dragon Emperor Soul and evil attached to the ring even if God can not escape this fall Agi 1,450Intt 1,680Attack Speed 20%Skill Damage 15%Passive: Life Regeneration 500Active: Converts damage taken into Health for 5 seconds 1,525 Strength 1,425 Agility 160 Movement Speed Passive: 5% Chance to activate Strike on attack. (4)Pacific Storm: Allies (2)Pacific Warriors 2: Dogfight!