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The LDS church has spent millions of dollars over many years trying to prove through archaeological research that the Book of Mormon is an accurate historical record, but they have failed to produce any convincing pre-columbian archeological evidence supporting the Book of Mormon story. The specific prophecies that are said to be false or incorrect by critics are typically based on hearsay or unreliable sources or are based on incorrect interpretations of what is said.We are told that Michael and his angels fought, and we understand that we stood with Christ our Lord, on the platform, "Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever.

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As soon as she moved to Utah from Texas, though, the doubters found their way to her earth-toned office.

Rosen is open about her Jewish faith, which may have been a beacon for Mormons ashamed to discuss their doubts with faith-promoting counselors at LDS Family Services.

(While the church now teaches that polygamy was practiced in the 1840s "in accordance with a revelation to Joseph Smith," his polygamy is not mentioned.) She says the "Google Effect" is particularly powerful because the church interprets its gospel literally, as historical fact.

Protesters take part in a "No on Prop 8" march on Wilshire Blvd. The protesters were marching to the Mormon church which supported Proposition 8, the ballot measure that banned gay marriage.

After discovering the article, he began to seek objective sources.

"It sounds crazy to outsiders, but simple facts have the power to shatter the world of a Mormon," he says.

But they remain close friends.)Mormonism is an "all or nothing" commitment, Rosen explains.

"If Pandora's box is opened regarding questioning one policy or mandate, it leads to more, because it's all connected.

They plaster their calling cards all over, even slipping them, as Mc Kinnon did, "in the Mitt Romney books at the grocery store.""People intuitively know that first and foremost their primary identity is a nameless soldier in the army of Mormonism," said Chou, a businessman (he is, among other things, chief executive officer of Blu Apple, which makes vegetable preservers) and rock climber with a professorial disposition.

He stressed the importance of being "proactive" in a state where many are scared to voice their doubts about the church, which has its a disciplinary council that can order an excommunication of any church member who strays, a modern-day scarlet letter that cuts a person off from all active LDS members.

With 17 percent more men than women on campus, it is the BYU women who should be the choosy ones. Joseph did not know how it was, so he enquired of the Lord about it, and behold the following revelation came through the stone: There is ample evidence that Mormon men are delaying marriage.