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Wild is also known for his roles as Jimmy in the NBC children's television series H. Pufnstuf (1969) and in the accompanying 1970 feature film as well as Much the Miller's Son in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991).Wild was born into a working class family in Royton, Lancashire.This did not help him find acting work, and by 1976 his film career was badly stalled.

For the most part, he spent the remainder of his career working in theatre.His last major appearance was as the male lead, "Mouse", in Tayla Goodman's rock musical Virus.He received critical acclaim and several nominations for his appearance as the Artful Dodger: It was at the 1968 premiere of Oliver! Wild starred in this American family television series that launched in 1969.that Wild met brothers Sid and Marty Krofft, who thought he would make a good lead for a show they were developing called H. Pufnstuf was also a segment in the second (and final) season of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, despite 2 episodes remaining unaired. Other roles followed, including the films Melody (1971) (with Oliver!After they returned they bought a home a few weeks later in Richmond, London.

Wild struggled to make the transition to adult stardom.His alcoholism ruined both his career and marriage to Gaynor Jones, who left him in 1985 because of his excessive drinking.His mother (Vera Wild) died in 1989 and his brother (Arthur Wild) died in 2000.I'm not saying I didn't enjoy playing these roles; I had barrels of fun, I just wanted more serious and dramatic roles; it's that simple." During the early 1970s, Wild was considered "one of the world's teen heartthrobs," alongside David Cassidy and Barry Williams.With large hazel eyes, a somewhat pug nose and freckles, Jack was loved and adored by many girls across the globe. I really thought it was one of the most important things." While Jack and Arthur were at Barbara Speake stage school, Jack met Welsh-born actress Gaynor Jones when they were around twelve years old.The show ran for two weeks at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham.