Dating fender amp pots

People describe these tubes to have less harsh and buzzy distortion.

Summary The AB763 Super Reverb is a very popular Fender amp due to the huge tone, robustness and the pure tone from the traditional blackface AB763 amp design.The AB763 design is also to be found in some silverface amps between 19.While all these mods will not make a big difference on their own, together they will tame a Super Reverb to the Vibrolux/Deluxe Reverb area.You’ll need schematics to implement some of these mods. We usually start with explaining a mod from a functional perspective where we relate to components in the logical schematics diagram.Next, if your speakers are efficient and too loud for the occasion, then why not disconnect two of them in just 5 seconds?

If you also invested in implementing the tremolo disconnect mod, you may turn an ear-bleeding Super Reverb into a tone machine with a fatter, warmer and fuller tone at practise volumes.

The height also makes it difficult to carry, making you sweat when hauling it between gigs.

It’s a big sounding amp with a potential for being very loud and bassy given the right (wrong) speakers.

You can physically feel the dynamic response from one of the best vintage Fender amps of them all. Many players have spent years chasing speakers, guitars and pickups to avoid the typical trebly and sharp tone of some Fender amps.

It requires some experience to get a balanced and sweet tone from a Super Reverb because of its power and loud speaker configuration.

Vice versa; If you’re using the Normal channel, you can pull out the V2 tube.