Dating double standards against men

You can read more from Greis on her blog, Amazing Greis. Basically, we’re led to believe that being nervous or indecisive on a date is the biggest heat-killer of all time. Regardless of the fact that it’s more honest and realistic.

As such, the expectation to make the move and propose are placed on us.

It’s not that women gaining control is perceived as a bad thing.

(At least, not to me and likely the majority of guys who wear their caps forwards.) It’s the fear that we will be perceived as losing control, and thus, our sex appeal would be destroyed. Picture a girl who was raped at some point in her life.

Many people will see that as a strong emotional recovery from a traumatic event.

Yeah, I asked – I guess I shouldn’t have :-/ “Men’s equipment doesn’t get all abused and stretched out the way a woman’s does”??

That just means the woman isn’t doing it right – I left a trail of dried-up husks of men in my wake when I was dating!! ) Seriously though, whoever told you that is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to be allowed even to *look* at a woman.I don’t assume a man is “desperate” when he asks me out, so why should it be any different for a woman?Double Standard #2: Men Are Programmed To Be Promiscuous Oh, promiscuity. If a single woman wants to play the field and date around (or sleep around) she is described as a slut (I personally hate that word).But when a single man does the same thing, he’s described as just being a “man”, because he’s just “programmed that way.” Does this programming happen in the hospital nursery after a boy is born?Double Standard #3: Cougars Age is a delicate subject on the wheel of dating double standards.I think I’d turn down a woman that was significantly taller than me.