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(The second one has “Love Your Amazing Woman” at the bottom.) You can insert it into a Word Document to make it any size you’d like.

The envelope Jaxston (our dog) walked up to was Island’s Restaurant!

We then divided up into two groups…the two cars that would take us there.

ANYTHING that would help enhance our already ROCKIN’ marriages!!

We even decided to share tips on how to look good for our man AND ideas on how to keep things HOT in a certain room…..…but you are gonna have to visit our blog for THAT!

I included blank cards for you to write your own clues/riddles OR if you have the same restaurants and activities in your town, you can use the ones we made up. I told you a little case you were is what happens when a BUNCH of super crafty friends get together & come up with solutions for strengthening their marriages.

We blog about amazing & creative date ideas, fun gift ideas for our spouses, quick & easy romance ideas, CRAFTY tutorials, and MUCH, much more!!

And…of course….since this is an ADVENTUROUS date…had to do something fun in the car on the way to our restaurant!!

Each driver was handed an envelope full of “Car Tasks”.

At each stoplight, we took turns pulling out a task to complete! I tried to take pictures of the others doing their tasks.

In our car, we decided it would be more fun if we ALL did each task…here are some pictures of the differents ones we had to do (you may need to click on the pictures to make them bigger…): We received a lot of fun AND funny reactions from people in other cars.

Some people in one car even started dancing along with us!!