Dating bird

They are so kind and patient and never seem to tire of my questions and/or bird stories!

I appreciate you so much..I love chatting with you, each time I call to place an order!

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I learn a lot..feel as though Ive made life-long friends for myself and my bird! I have a 28 yr old jenday/gold cap conure female who was on seed for much of the first part of her life.

So again; thank you for a FANTASTIC PRODUCT..for your CARING AND HELPFUL STAFF! I was told by my vet to get her off seed and slowly transition her to Harrisons, which he high recommended.

Toni Braxton put some respek on Birdman's name by hanging with the Cash Money CEO -- and it's not for the first time ...

which makes it more surprising they've kept this under wraps.

Mind you, this is a serious health issue for a one-pound parrot and one that can be the end of life for the bird. When you love your pal like we do, you want the best.

I think that the Harrisons High Potency Coarse directly contributed to maintaining the parrot healthy and hopefully living for many more years in our company! Harrisons High Potency, coarse for large hookbills is it! I have a 35 year old male Blue and Gold Macaw who had been extremely aggressive for years and was obsessed with different forms of breeding behavior. He had been on different brands of other pelleted diets over the years.

I thank Harrisons for helping me to maintain a very healthy bird. Unfortunately she still picks too much---was hoping it would help with that but alas, she likes it and its good for her.

I learned from a friend that the store bought pellets CAN be bad; it almost killed her Grey and she put me onto Harrisons. Provides all the nutriants necessary for proper maintenance of health.

He seemed to do Ok the first year or so of this new diet but he eventually started pulling feathers and looked kinda ratty after about the second year. Many, MANY years ago, I had a Blue and Gold Mc Caw and an African Grey, both of whom I loved dearly. but was healthy and content..I supplemented with organic seeds and nuts which I purchased online, from a human-food source, as well as a ton of veggies and fruits which I chopped up for her, daily. Although, the advice is to wean them slowly, Bindi took to the Harrisons so quickly, that I was able to eliminate all the seeds and nuts within a week..except for on VERY special occasions... Immediately after begging the Harrison Pellets, Bindi began talking!

I decided to go back to the Harrisons but Pongo really had a thing for seeds and it took some time to get him off of them but with the help of a few people at Harrisons we were able to get back on track. Thats how I eat and it should be good enough for Pongo too. But, those were the olden days, before computers, and before the information highway and so, not knowing any better, my poor birds lived for 20 plus years on a diet of 90% sunflower seeds, some nuts, a few veggies & fruits... When I look back on those days, my heart breaks for those much-loved birds who didnt get their proper nourishment. My Congo African Grey, Bindi, was shipped across the country to me, with a huge supply of bagged, mixed seeds, nuts and dried fruits. Then, after only 2 months of reading many articles and visiting tons of parrot sites, online... EVERYONE in the know about Parrots, online, highly recommended, of course, I had to give them a go. She TALKS up a storm...participates in lengthy, entire conversations, is happy, friendly, healthy and is a wonderful weight!

Now I can keep her water sparkling clean and full of pristine, bottled water..I dont worry about bath germs!