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Like really safe, I have been living in Austria, Germany, US, France and England. By Safe I mean robbery aggression, harassment…- Austria is well located in Europe and close to many countries (Italy, Swiss, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary) so if you like traveling it is also nice.- I have never been to India but Austria is a perfect place to ski, the infrastructure are really good.

It is hard to find an Austrian who has never ski.- People have trust and values.

A life partner with the same family status, background and qualification was considered eligible.

Marriage with a guy whose name begins with the same letter as that of girl’s was considered to be bad for the future of the marriage.

Even a bride wearing her bridal attire before her wedding day was considered unlucky.

Similarly, a groom must not see her bride in the wedding dress before the wedding ceremony.

Austrian marriage presents a more formal picture where various rituals are practiced.

When a suitable partner is found, friends and relatives of the boy would visit the girl’s house.French have a lot to learn about that…- If you marry an Austrian you will also be eligible for the Austrian nationality and with that will not need any visa to travel in Europe.It is a luxuous that many non European are fogetting…- If you give birth in Austria they have one of the best maternity leave that I know :)- The Austrian University Vienna and Graz are cool from what I know of.Often the flower chosen by the groom for his buttonhole should be of the same color as the flower in the bride’s bouquet. The groom represented himself as knight with armour.When the bride was to leave her house for the wedding venue, her last look in the mirror was considered to bring good luck.It depends on your major or the type of city you prefer to live in.