Dating and marriage in austria

Often the flower chosen by the groom for his buttonhole should be of the same color as the flower in the bride’s bouquet. The groom represented himself as knight with armour.

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Most of austrian speaks english but meet a person in his mother tongue is always better and more genuine in my opinion.

And also ask you beloved for some austrian slang ;)- Germanic folks are known to be cold.

Snow signified happiness and fertility in the marriage.

It was believed that a partner who made a first purchase after the marriage would rule the family relations.

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It is difficult to say that there are things to say.The association was considered auspicious as it bound not only the boy and girl, but also provided the union of two families.Many days before the wedding, various types of preparations were made.A life partner with the same family status, background and qualification was considered eligible.Marriage with a guy whose name begins with the same letter as that of girl’s was considered to be bad for the future of the marriage.If you have never been to Austria:- It is a wonderful country, the landscapes are really marvelous, Austrians in general are really respectful of the nature and love to spend time outside.- If you are from India you will see that it is not crowdy at all!