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The main business of this site is not to connect men with future ' SOUL MATES".

The main business of this site is to scam hard working and deserving men of their money.

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I met several ladies through Amolatina and whilst many were very pleasant I did not find 'the one' until I started talking to someone 120 miles away.

Straight away we were attracted to each others personalities and after 2 weeks of daily chatting we decided to meet and the rest as they say is history. I always was Wondering 4 Years ago I was utilizing Amolatina agency Services a lot in 2010 I first found out about them back in 2004 but never really well you know Joined because I thought I was too young at the time I must say I'am 30 - Years of age and I'am getting tired of being lonely the its seems like the fellow Women here in United States are getting to be in my opinion not interested in Nice men who have really something worthwhile to offer and (I do not mean money either!!

For example, Viviana from Ecuador, 27, has stunning photos posted, still, Very hard for me to believe she is still single (? Well, could it be that Viviana you mentioned just got back to the site after several years just like you to give it a fresh start? You pay for credit and after like an hour credit is over. I will come back It's a great site but too expensive to And there's a lot of nice women on there I found my only truly love that I will spend my life with and i thanks to Amolatina for For a lot of great experience on there I have been using this site for several weeks.

) This site is such a scam and I cant believe I spent as much as I did on it over the last month. Really looks so :) As for contact information exchange, there is an article in “general information” section of our Help Center. Its rare that you find your dream date on online dating websites. Found my beautiful lady on Amolatina and we enjoy our chatting daily. They quickly respond to suggestions and complaints.

However I stopped looking at this site for couple years due to starting another relationship.

After this recently ended I signed back up for this service and was surprised to see some of the same beautiful women still on this site. Here you have to pay for credit to chat instead of membership.

Who would have thought that you can find a true love through the Internet. You can get the chance to meet new friends and the best thing is finding the love of your life. I was able to choose the age, ethnicity, religion and distance specifically for me.

Being able to control what you are looking for is what I liked best.

there are no weird freaks and people here are for finding serious relationships, not just hook-ups or anything like this.

After writing this review a month ago, Maria from Amolatina responded within my review.

After using Amolatina for only a couple weeks I have found a match that truly makes me happy so I am ending my search.