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The bookmark dates to February 1943, when Braun reportedly gave it to Hitler after Germany's defeat in the battle of Stalingrad.

ICE returned approximately 100 ancient fossils to the People's Republic of China at their Washington embassy on May 26, 2010.

The items include two Peruvian terracotta vessels from the period A. The bookmark had been stolen during a break-in at an art auction house in Madrid, Spain.

ICE takes pride in bringing to justice those who would trade in such items for personal profit and in returning to other nations these priceless items.The theft and trafficking of cultural items is a practice that is older than history.ICE New York agents recovered the Klee from Landau Fine Art Inc., a gallery in Montreal, Canada.The gallery owner ultimately surrendered the painting to ICE after he discovered it had been stolen.Our specially trained investigators and attach├ęs in more than 40 countries not only partner with governments, agencies and experts who share our mission to protect these items, but they train the investigators of other nations and agencies on how to find, authenticate and enforce the law to recover these items when they emerge in the marketplace.

Customs laws allow ICE to seize national treasures, especially if they have been reported lost or stolen.

ICE works with experts to authenticate the items, determine their true ownership and return them to their countries of origin.

ICE returned 11 oil paintings to the Pirmasen Municipal Museum in Germany. serviceman who had served in Pirmasens in 1945 turned a number of the paintings over to ICE.

Investigating the loss or looting of cultural heritage properties and returning them to their countries of origin are an important part of ICE's diverse mission. The agency often investigates leads to art and artifacts that are important evidence of another nation's history and cultural heritage.

Customs Service, has authorities that target a wide range of criminal activities, many of them involving smuggling and trafficking, both of goods and people.

Eighteen of them were done by Heinrich Buerkel, a native of the area. Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced that the U. has entered into a settlement agreement with the Leopold Museum in Austria and the estate of Lea Bondi Jaray on the civil forfeiture action involving the "Portrait of Wally" painting. In 1997, the Leopold Museum loaned "Wally" to The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. It is illegal to import stolen property into the U. In July 2010, the Leopold Museum agreed to compensate the family estate for the artwork.