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The realtor said we were obligated to delist our home (take it off the market) and that we haven’t done that yet.

The realtor did encourage us to take the house off the market earlier on as well.

Reply We closed on a Pulte Home in Venice Florida 12/2014.

I decided to get my husband to try and contact centex or the realtor. Centex told the realtor they want to release our contract now and keep our earnest money.

Centex told the realtor we had an obligation to contact them on 11/30 and ask them to release the contract.

We specifically asked for this to be in writing before we signed because we told them we couldn’t afford to lose 00 when we know there is no guarantee we can sell in time. We also wrote contingent on the check per centex,which I have a copy of.

11/30 came and no word out of centex or the realtor. In December when I heard nothing form anyone I emailed the realtor and got no response.

Many times we waited home all day for contractors who did not show up or showed up without the correct supplies.

Today, 2/11/2018 we are still waiting for a slider to be replaced and door seals to be repaired.We can have our home on the market for as long as we wish.The realtor wants us to release it because he does not represent us, he represents Centex. I just want my earnest money back first, and then I can delist my house with the realtor and get a new realtor who represents us.We told them we would not do either of those things that we signed the contract and put down 00 earnest money in good faith.Centex should release the contract and give us back our earnest money if they want to sell the house to someone else, and we are never obligated legally to take our home off the market.Pulte Homes was founded in 1956 by Bill Pulte as a home builder. If I do not hear from someone with the authority to give me a new functioning unit I plan to go to the media and to the court.