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I found out that only few advertisers were promoting Flirchi offers(may be around 6-7 on Traffic Junky network sites).So I knew I had a good chance of getting good success with this campaign.After creating the creatives, I simply created the campaign with multiple landing page rotation (Multiple questionnaire type & story telling type with different angles) and 3 offer-pages.

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I used the same format of Banner and landing page design and followed the same procedure as I followed in my Flirchi India campaigns.Note: For dating campaigns, your lead quality is always evaluated after 50-100 leads.After checking how others are promoting, I got pretty solid idea about how I was going to promote the offers.I headed over to create my own creatives (banners & landers).We’ve taken things a step further in the latest release by adding the missing ingredient.

Do you have a big ticket affiliate software program that isn’t listed here?Affiliates with low lead quality are kicked out of the offer.So make sure your lead quality is highest and always ask for a payout bump to your AM.I shifted my career from SEO to affiliate marketing back in the year 2014.I have done lots of reading online about how to be successful in this industry.Never doubt that a group of talented designers and developers who love doing beautiful things together can change the online world.