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The paradox of modern times is that even though people have more money to spend now and wider interests to spend on than before, they need to work extra hard to earn that extra money.

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For instance if your partner is a married woman, she may not only have a home and job to take care of but also a husband and kids to look after.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it is always better to opt out and look for someone with whom you will come first.

Perhaps they started out late in their careers and are making up for lost time.

Or perhaps they wish to achieve a certain degree of financial or professional success before they think of settling down to an exclusive relationship.

This way your partner need not have wasted a whole evening and at the same time, given a boost to your personal life.

Then again, even though you cannot be at your partner’s 'beck and call' all the time, be open to accepting a spontaneous invitation to lunch or a late dinner when he/she is available as long as you don't simply become a 'booty-call'.

Also whenever you can, combine two different activities into one.

For instance instead of asking your partner to spend an entire evening with you – as you would do on a normal date – invite him/her to join you for a quick lunch on a regular working day.

Too many interests Then there are people who like being involved in a whole lot of hobbies, interests and clubs; they are usually full of energy and feel the need to be constantly trying out new things and engaging with newer experiences . If you think that your partner likes to be busy in varied activities and hobbies, consider pepping yourself up to join him/her.

Even if his/her interests are not the same as yours, who knows you may pick up something that you truly enjoy.

This will not only make your date feel enthusiastic about another late evening, but indeed bring out the best of his/her humor or liveliness.