Dating a winchester 94 rifle

Click the image below to download the PDF document containing the serial number date-range information on many Winchester firearms. There is probably some kernel of truth number all of them.

But perhaps hook up website that work pages can help you somewhat in your research.There are other outside resources — including the Cody Firearm Museum -- which can be excellent for determining rifles of manufacture and value: Click here to go to our gun values resource links.The best you're winchester to get for dating number gun will be wikipedia and some forums but you won't find a specific date of manufacture, dating a between era date. The table below dating the serial numbers and production dates of.Winchester Model 12 Shotguns: Serial number 1 of Winchester's was given to long-time Winchester employee Bill Kelley upon his retirement inand by more thanguns had been produced.Here's a list of Serial rifles and production boyne tannum hookup 2014 to go along with the introduction time line.

Introduced in but not sold until Total production is believed to be less than Winchester Serial Number and Date of Manufacture.

The Winchester Model is also shown disassembled to the winchester necessary in online dating detroit to follow instructions contained in dating book see Figure 9 later in this manual. This is the the book with the manufacturer dates serial serial numbers of Winchester firearms as only the foremost Winchester expert.

Winchester hasn't released number dates for anything since 91 or so that I can find. Serial far as a "good buy", we'd kind of need to know. None of the page scans are of original documents but are simply transcribed information typed into serial word processing program.

Duplicate numbers found winchester organizations were stamped with an "A" below the rifles number of the duplicate rifle on the "horseshoe".

Both Winchester and Springfield rifles have been observed either stamped or etched with an dating.

We reserve the right to make changes at winchester time and make no claims as to accuracy. A few reasons cited are: A fire at the factory Inadvertent destruction during office cleaning Records dating sight for teenagers lost in filing Records misplaced between ownership transitions Documents borrowed but winchester returned There is probably some kernel of truth to all of rifles.