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This could even be an amazing scent for a bride, there's an odd intensity to it while not being and overtly strong scent and I can totally imagine smelling this somewhere and being flooded with memories of the event, spraying a bit on my pillowcase before going to bed etc.

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I really really like this A LOT as it is (taking aside it apparently not holding a candle to / having very little to do with the original fragrance).However while in European fall/winter weather this impression lasted a solid chunk of the day, in hot humid weather like where I live now the scent sadly gets pressed down to the skin quite quickly and after 3 hours you'll have to come up REALLY close to me to still detect some coffee and soft sweet vanilla.Much to my sister’s delight, it turns out very masculine and screechy on me.The Nuit Blance version is kinder on my skin but still too masculine on me as well.Black Opium is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. I use it once in a while but totally not worth the Hype and no its not sexy at all.

I bought it because of all the hoopla and even made my girls buy it too! This perfume projected itself beautifully on my sister’s skin, the coffee smells delicious and creamy.I thought it was slightly stronger (warmer and sweeter) but now I've got it home it doesn't seem very strong and I've used 8ml in a week respraying. I am surprised to see that i still have not written a review for Black Opium. A grown up gourmand that smells expensive and has a touch of mystery to it. I would recommend this fragrance to young, introverted and intellectual woman who also have a sensual side.Final note: 8/10 It really doesn't stand out from all of the other floral-fruity pink liquids that every drugstore smells of nowadays.It smells just like a woman wearing some cloying perfume holding a cup of Wawa coffee.Honestly, that's exactly what it smells like to me. I prefer Nuit Blanche for the top and middle but the drydowns were so similar on me I bought this as well. I specially like the fact that the pear didn't turn aquatic on this one.Master perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Marie Salamagne, in collaboration with Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc, developed the composition.