Dating a loner boyfriend

As social creatures, it is only natural for human beings to be surrounded by a circle of friends, family and co-workers.

If your boyfriend depends on you exclusively to fill up his leisure time, you may not get enough opportunity to do the things you like or to be with other people who are also close to you.This excessive neediness on the part of your boyfriend may even be intensified into a kind of insecurity or worse jealousy if you insist on taking time out by yourself.But the problem is after a while if two people have only each other to keep them company, there is bound to be friction.He may want to go biking in the afternoon while you may just want to stay indoors.So if your boyfriend does not any friends of his own, it could give rise to certain unhappy consequences for you too.

The most significant of these is perhaps the fact that he will be excessively dependent on you when he has nothing else to do in his leisure time.Compared to these women, you may be better off since you don’t need to share your boyfriend with macho friends who always want to whisk him away to the outdoors or the nightclub which has a reputation for gorgeous strippers.Then again consider how many women are left to clean up the mess made by her boyfriend and his friends when they come over to watch a game on the TV or have a barbecue party on the lawn.Likewise true friends can prove to be invaluable in sorting out things, if you and your partner are going through a rough patch in the relationship.Finally friends provide perspective; things about your partner which bother you too much may not seem so important after all when you discuss them with friends.In fact if your boyfriend is a loner at heart, he may not even expect you to entertain him at all.