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Your fears can't hold you back nor stop you from doing what you need to get done, even if your feelings tell you otherwise.

Friendship Is A Key Factor For an Aquarius man to be in love, there must be friendship.Aquarius men believe that the sole reason a long term relationship succeeds is because it has a strong base of friendship.The Moon in Aries trines the North Node in Leo tonight and its a sign of favor and blessings.Your daily love horoscope is here, astrology lovers for May 11th, 2018 for all zodiac signs.Have you been seeing an Aquarius man for quite some time now but you just don’t know if he is actually in love with you?

Aquarius men in love can be a bit difficult to identify.

If your Aquarius guy leans on you for advice, joins you in recreational fun and lends you a hand when you need it most, he is your friend and he also loves you. Aquarius men are known for their romancing abilities.

Little gestures of love are the bare minimum when it comes to romance.

If an Aquarius man has a partner, chances are they can hold an intellectual conversation.

An Aquarius man in love will talk about life issues, world news and share his opinions.

He might try to make you laugh, play you a song on his guitar or even juggle.