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I couldn't handle being with someone who wasn't clean/hygienic. Some people surround themselves with only other people that are on par with their own looks, some choose the opposite to feel better about themselves. If you have noticed them, then he has, and he should expect you to at least mention them.

If it's him being unhygienic and not taking care of them then that would be kind of a dealbreaker for me. he happened to have bad teeth or whatever, then I'd try to figure out how to fix it, if that was possible. Beauty is a curse to a degree because you brought up a great example in how we judge our appearance on the one's we're close with, but I can empathize. but if there all crooked and mangled, that would be an issue for me. I've got to admit that it would be a deal breaker for me also.

In the past I've received mixed reactions to my missing teeth from various people who've known about it. Should I tell him I wear a retainer before he just kind of finds out? Should I say it's a permanent retainer and that doesn't come out (because *it's not coming out.*)? And -- perhaps most importantly -- how can I remain confident?

Bear with me here; this is going to get original & interesting. (Please feel free to do a quick google search.) I've been through all kinds of orthodontic work, and now my teeth are all pretty and nice and stuff. The treatment plan my parents, orthodontist, and I have chosen is for me to eventually get dental implants (which should actually be happening within the next few years). By looking at me, one would *never* be able to tell I had fake teeth or even that I was wearing a retainer. I just have one big insecurity: Congenitally missing upper lateral incisors.When he became US president in 1789, he had just a single tooth in his head.Over the remainder of his life he had several sets of dentures made from – prepare to grit your teeth!– lead, human teeth, cows’ teeth and hippopotamus bone.

Infamous womanizer Casanova had no teeth at all in his later years, but that didn’t stop him, at the age of 73, having an affair with a 22-year-old countess. Having a great personality, kindness and generosity of spirit matter, but these usually come into play further down the line.The results were pretty amazing: There’s a lot riding on those teeth!A full-on friendly smile can generate instant chemistry, even across a crowded room.Your teeth get naturally yellower and darker as you age, so a man looking for a partner to set up home and have children with could take this as an indication of age and fertility, or the lack of it.In the meantime, I have a removable retainer (the plastic, roof-of-your-mouth kind) with false teeth attached to it, which I wear all the time. Now, here comes the issue: No one can tell by *looking at me*.