Dating a guy out of pity play speed dating game

That's because it is, you are in your early to mid twenties where an age difference of a few years no longer matters, i've said plenty, your rebuttal was essentially ''NO YOU!!!!I've gone up to 5 years older in a relationship which there wasn't that big of a difference.My life is extremely busy and I don't usually have any free time on my hands anymore. If I do have any spare time I usually end up relaxing at home because I'm so tired frm everything else I have been doing, or just go out with friends to parties or just to dinner or any other social gathering.

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I'm almost 20 and I'd have no problem dating a women who's 30 or even older.I am definitely willing to dating a girl who is a year or two older than me.I don't think it's good to date just because you're lonely because you may become clingy and rely on the person you are dating to bring you all the happiness you crave. If you are bored you should do things with your life that make you happy and give your life some fulfillment.I do other things to keep me occupied and I actually enjoy them and they make me happy which is why I am not so focused on my loneliness so much anymore.I don't want to date someone to be better off financially.

While I agree that a relationship should be equal between the guy and girl, a part of me still respects the traditional role that the man should take care of his woman and give her financial security.

I mean, even with my busy life I am still lonely right now when it comes to dating and I know there are girl friends of mine that are in the same position but I am not going to date them because we are not attracted to each other and we don't have that spark.

I mean yeah, it would be great to have a girl by my side but the fact that you are lonely because you have nobody to date shows that you re not happy with your life in general which also means you are insecure when you are alone.

At the year I go by the rule of one year older, one year younger. White Knight77 Follow Forum Posts: Older people are more experienced so amen to that.

Ugalde- Follow Forum Posts: Maybe someone who is a year older but any more than that I don't think so.

Not when compared to a solid twenty years difference.