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They're working off of multiple versions and incomplete records.

Shakespeare's plays didn't have copyright dates like books do now, so not all of these dates are 100% accurate; they're really a best estimate based on the evidence available.

Considering how famous and well-regarded William Shakespeare's work is today, it's kind of surprising that we really don't know a whole lot about his life.Some people even challenge the fact that Shakespeare actually wrote the plays he was credited with - that's how mysterious he is. It's ironic that he is such an incredibly influential figure and, with regard to his personal life, a blank slate.Six months after their wedding, their first daughter, Susanna, was born…so I'll let you draw your own conclusions about that. Hamnet sadly died at the age of 11, and there's been a lot of speculation that his death may have influenced Shakespeare's playwriting, including the famous (and similar-sounding) Hamlet.The next solid record we have of the life of William Shakespeare is his marriage, which took place in 1582.

Shakespeare married at the age of 18, while his wife, Anne Hathaway (no, not that Anne Hathaway, though seriously, what were that Anne Hathaway's parents thinking, naming her that) was actually of the ripe old age of 26.

Starting in 1599, the company performed at the Globe Theatre, which is south of the Thames in London.

If you go to London now, you can watch Shakespeare performances in a rebuilt Globe roughly in the same spot. Well, it was made entirely of wood, and it burned down in 1613, but the recreation is pretty good. I didn't see the original, but it looks great now, and if you go to London, you really should see a Shakespeare play at the Globe. So, the Globe burned down from a fire started by a special effects cannon fired during a performance.

From various records, we do know that he worked as an actor as well as a playwright.

He wrote plays for a company called Lord Chamberlain's Men.

Christopher Marlowe might sound familiar if you've seen the movie Shakespeare in Love.