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In addition to the obvious threats presented by deadly predators, insatiable scavengers, and diabolical ambushers, there are the more mundane, but nevertheless lethal, hazards of the Darklands.

Most of the air found below is safe to breathe, if a little stale.

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Here, many immense caverns known as vaults host a wide array of underground oceans, caverns with jungles and artificial suns, entire nations of warmongering humanoids, and regions containing mountain ranges and vast deserts.

Typically the denizens of the upper Darklands think of the vaults with the same sense of fear and wonder that surface folk do for them, thus only the absolute bravest of adventurers ever seeks out these deep subterranean worlds.

In Sekamina are found grimlocks, ghouls, vegepygmies, aboleth-thrall skum, morlocks, serpentfolk, svirfneblin, and drow.

Despite the wide variety of humanoid races living here, the drow tend to be in control of the largest portion of Sekamina.

This makes the competition for those sources that do exist that much more intense.

Perhaps because of this, the creatures and inhabitants of the Darklands, all up and down the food chain, are quite deadly.The 'civilized' races that inhabit Nar-Voth include duergar, mongrelmen, troglodytes, and derro.Most of these races are relatively isolated, tribal, or small, with the exception of the duergar, who occupy a number of abandoned pre-existing dwarf cities.The fact that these tunnels and caverns remain intact today speaks volumes about the power of these enigmatic entities.During the Age of Legend, the Serpentfolk ruled large parts of the Darklands.The Darklands are a dangerous place, a fact to which anyone who has ever journeyed there can easily attest.