Dads against daughters dating 357

A couple of years back I had the opportunity to shoot a medium sized buck at my hunting property that was around ninety yards on the first shot and around thirty five yards on the second shot.

Well to get to the point I have always wanted to hunt deer with handgun and I only own the.357 mag Blackhawk. I probably wouldn't be shooting at anything much farther than 50-60 yards, most of my deer have been taken at those ranges.

I also have about 300 rounds 158 grain hornady XTP loaded to a tad under max with H110. I have been around here for a long time but haven't posted much and trust you guys and gals opinions.

I've tried other weight bullets out of the 357 but never found one that worked better in a handgun than the 158XTP for both penetration and expansion.

FYI, beyond sixty yards or so, the bullet loses enough energy to start limiting expansion.

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of self control.

Just like a handgun, a little adrenalin and a bad shot takes place.I've only ever lost one deer with a handgun and it was shot with the 44mag.I made a bad shot and no caliber will kill if the animal isn't hit well.Happened to meet a fellow at Wal-Mart this evening who works outdoor maintenance at Latrobe airport.Airport provides passenger service to several resorts in the southeast and casinos out in west.I've killed over fifty deer with the 357mag and by far the majority of them were killed with 158g Hornady XTP bullets.