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About 6 years ago I got sick and didn't know if I was gonna live much longer let alone hunt or shoot anymore. After several surgeries and a lot praying I was able to begin shooting and hunting again 2 yrs. I used to shoot and reload many powerful rifle and handgun calibers. revolver, .380acp pistol, 12 gauge shotgun, and last but favorite .357 mag stainless Blackhawk.

I had to let go of most of the more powerful rifles and handguns due to illness and lack of money, partially disabled now and retired. When I began hunting again I used my 1950 .35 REM Marlin 336A, it was my first rifle. I shoot it totally stock open sites just like the first time I used it and still do pretty well with the irons even though I now wear bifocals.

You need to stay within your comfort zone and put the arrow/bullet into the heart/lung area for a humane kill.

Nothing marginal about a bow kill if, and that's a big IF, the arrow is in the heart lung area.

Have no fears about using the 357mag on deer if you can put the bullet where you're aiming at.

Know your ability and stay within your comfort range....bow hunting.

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of self control.

Just like a handgun, a little adrenalin and a bad shot takes place.

I've tried other weight bullets out of the 357 but never found one that worked better in a handgun than the 158XTP for both penetration and expansion.

FYI, beyond sixty yards or so, the bullet loses enough energy to start limiting expansion.

A couple of years back I had the opportunity to shoot a medium sized buck at my hunting property that was around ninety yards on the first shot and around thirty five yards on the second shot.

Both bullets hit on the same side within three inches of each other and both hit a rib going in and lodged under the skin on the off side.

If you think it is enough gun and an adequate load I will leave the rifle home this year. Just as a side note I have a lot of brass most with no more than 1 or 2 reloads that I still have from previous guns .38 spl, .45acp, .243win, 7mm-08, .44 mag, .300 win mag, .338 win mag, 45/70 etc.