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This is located on the west side of the main ticket hall and faces towards to the town centre.It is located at the top of the existing ramp leading to the current platforms 1 & 2 which, although an improvement on the former arrangements, isn’t really ideal as there can be conflicts of passenger flow around the top of the ramp.

Whilst siting the fast line platforms to the north by a significant amount would seem to be quite a disadvantage to passengers who use the main concourse, it could at least mean it will be possible to provide a bit more circulating area at the top of the resited ramps.More circulating area on the paid side of the barriers could well be useful as East Croydon had yet another separate gateline installed in the past year or so.That was until the final version of the Sussex Route Study was published recently by Network Rail.Some significant revisions to the proposed track layout at East Croydon buried in appendix B mean it is probably a good idea to look at East Croydon again.If the ramp from the station ticket hall to the platforms were made less steep (as is believed to be intended) and the current platform 3 were extended slightly northwards then there would not appear to be any problem in putting a second track in.

An arrangement with four slow tracks coming in from the south into the four future slow platforms (platforms 5 – 8) would seem ideal as this would involve no pointwork between these platforms and the bridge.

Unlike previously, we are going to try to identify how the bridge at the south of the station fits in with all this.

Network Rail’s diagrams are not helpful here but their study was about capacity rather than supplying the finer details of construction.

Currently the second gap has only one track through it.

In order to get a second track through, some modifications to the current platform 3 would appear to be necessary.

The revised plans are a significant improvement on the ones in the draft study. To try to fully comprehend what we think is going on we will break the proposed track layout down into various component parts before putting it all together to give the complete picture.