Free sex chat no joining Cyprus dating scam

If you received an email about a trial-period membership and have not yet been charged (you are still within the trial period), then you need to visit or call KASHLOG.

Your “date” sends you to a website that is advertised as a “free” verification service. Here is a sample of what some of them look like: Date Verification Scam Web Page Gallery.Charges are deliberately hidden (using a program command called iframe).Bottom Line: A shell company that is using a service with unknown origin, sharing your information as they see fit, and high risk security policies and unknown practices. If you have given your email to a scammer who then referred you to a date verification site, they will sell your email on the dark web.This will result in a high rate of spam and sooner or later, a phishing attempt.Here is a rough outline of the network: Click Image to view full size The Cam or Hookup scam: Is much more straight forward, they hide the charges or make them hard to find during the sign up. Company information in Cyprus is from paid services.

The owner of Music Fans Find Love – is Staffordish Limited PANAGIOTI KASPI 3, FLAT/OFFICE 202, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1095. I cannot verify the information there – it could be falsified. Generally, I do not recommend that you contact them because it just adds to the risks.It pisses me off to no end, that people have gone to such great lengths to do this. I encourage you to check out the video above and verify everything I have posted here for yourself.You will be fine as as long as you keep cool and act quickly.We are not associated in any way with the sites mentioned in this article. After reading this article, I encourage you to verify this information for your self. is a sign-up site and billing name for a branded online dating site – Music Fans Find Love which you can find at The short gibberish name is used for discreet billing. A branded dating site is my term for a front end to a white label dating service company.The charge might appear with the customer service number such as: (866)438-3863. A white label dating company provides website operations, a pre-populated membership database, and billing services in a generic fashion for the branded dating site.